A row of powerlines disappears into the sunset.

Sources of Energy

Grades 3-5

Learners will work at their own pace to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of current electricity production methods and find out what types are most used here in Minnesota. They’ll explore steps everyone can take to reduce the disadvantages and increase the advantages in energy production, and explore how to advocate for these changes.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, this program is available at no cost to you.

Program Length

Student paced. 30-minutes.

Learning Goals

  1. Energy production and use is a giant global puzzle:

    1. We all have pieces to solve it.

    2. Each piece is important, even if the pieces are small.

    3. The puzzle is so big it will never be complete, but we can make it better.

  2. Electricity has been and will be produced by processes that have successes and challenges, and also unanticipated consequences.

    1. The different sources of energy have varying effects on the environment. 

    2. We have a responsibility to learn about and advocate for processes that have fewer negative consequences.

  3. Maps and charts can provide information and guide choices.