Dr. Alex Hastings peers through the skull of a triceratops.

Dino Discovery

Grades K-2

Use observation, imagination, and creativity to experience how paleontologists around the world make guesses about the fossils they find. Introduce young learners to the tools that scientists use to explore the world through the engaging medium of dinosaurs. Learners will get to hear from the Science Museum’s Fitzpatrick Chair of Paleontology, compare fossils to everyday objects, and illustrate their own dinosaur!

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, this program is available at no cost to you.

Program Length

Student-paced, estimated 25-30 minutes

MN Academic Standards

The Nature of Science and Engineering: Standard, Benchmark, Benchmark

Physical Science: Benchmark

Life Science: Standard, Benchmark

Learning Goals

  1. Scientists make observations and use them to draw conclusions

  2. Comparing and contrasting multiple things is a tool for learning about those things

  3. Paleontologists can use modern plants and animals to learn about past life on Earth