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Build a STEM Justice Toolkit

See yourself as a part of the STEM justice movement! 

Together with like-minded leaders, the Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center (KAYSC) is working toward a more just future by providing training to reframe STEM learning as a tool for addressing and dismantling systems of oppression and building collective liberation.

It's clear that we need to address the underrepresentation of women and people of color in STEM. This training to cultivate a STEM justice practice supports educators in beginning to see beyond representation, and to instead use STEM learning as a means, not an end, and to begin positioning STEM learning in service of social justice, improving the lives of all people as well as the global health of the planet.

The Training - Cultivating your STEM justice practice 

Participants will complete three modules, moving through a focus on self, systems, and ultimately a shift in practice. Upon completion of the training, participants will have cultivated a toolkit to support their ongoing development of a STEM justice practice.

Module 1

Self and Social Justice 101: From the Individual to the Collective

The first part of the STEM justice training invites practitioners to reflect on how their lived experiences relate to identity, privilege, power/oppression, and liberation. This section also includes critical reflection on different types of social justice work, barriers, and strategies.

Module 2

Systems and History: Redefining STEM

This phase helps practitioners recognize the culture of STEM and that, while it has helped us advance as a global society, it also has roots in oppressive perspectives, including white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism (corporate profits over people), and other oppressive systems. 

Module 3

STEM Justice in Practice: Cultivating a STEM Justice Mindset

In the final phase of the training, participants begin to try STEM justice practices through curriculum development processes. Participants will leave this session with a tangible curriculum they can use in their own programming.

Are you ready to become a part of the STEM justice movement? Email Aki Shibata at ashibata@smm.org

Testimonials from past participants

“I really want us to incorporate social justice into everything we do and I feel like I am better equipped to do so - [with both] tools and ways to think about how to do it.” 

“I feel like I got to learn and show naïveté without judgment. I also got to share where I’m strong” 

“Inspiring, challenging, reaffirming. I enjoyed the aspect of going through the activities as participants and then putting on our facilitator hats.”

“Thought-provoking and heart filling”

“This has been more valuable because of the lens of STEM and Justice.  Other trainings I’ve been to have focused on the content/concepts around DEAI but not with the application to STEM”

“Excellent. Thought-provoking and action-oriented.”

“So practical and energizing!” 

Are you ready?

Become a part of the STEM justice movement. Email Aki Shibata at ashibata@smm.org