A photo of a scissor lift hoisting up two maintenance workers up the side of a tall glass building.

Build skills and solve problems with engineering

Explore Engineering fosters skill-building in spatial reasoning, perseverance, innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving through hands-on materials and online experiences.

With the generous support of Flint Hills Resources, the Science Museum of Minnesota is excited to open applications for Explore Engineering 2022.

How Explore Engineering works

The goal of the program is to provide a mix of hands-on and virtual learning experiences that encourage students in greater Minnesota to see themselves in STEM, and more specifically in engineering.

The Explore Engineering program is designed for grades 3-5. Educators can participate in either (or both) hands-on, in-person activities; or the interactive, online lesson.

The hands-on activities focus on scalable challenges that can be used for a day of programming or throughout the semester. This flexibility allows educators to infuse quality programming to fit their classroom’s needs. The virtual, student-paced introduction to engineering centers on the big picture: how engineering fits into the world we all share.

Available programs

Child enjoying an engineering activity.
Engineer It: Get Moving!

Hands-on activities with materials sent to your school

Students will receive engineering activities and materials to complete challenges. The activities include written and video instructions that include specific challenges, skill-building modules, and open-ended extensions. The kits are individually packaged for each student to aid educators with materials distribution and allow for implementation in the classroom or at home. The adaptability of this programming allows students and teachers to tailor their experiences to meet their needs. Teacher kits included!

Engineer It: Solving Problems Together

Online, student-paced introduction to engineering

How do engineers think as they approach problems affecting people in today’s world? Tag along with an engineer as they use nature to design possible solutions for a noisy problem. Learners use an engineering design process of Learn - Design - Create - Test to improve solutions and engineer the world around them.

How your class can experience Explore Engineering

To apply for an award to receive Engineer It: Get Moving! kits for your school or class, please submit this form by December 3, 2021.

If you receive the award, you will be notified in December 2021 and the kits will arrive in January 2022. 

Due to safety concerns, overnight camp-ins (previously known under the name Science Matters) will not be offered for the 21-22 school year.