Person jumping to touch one of the basketballs in the Sportsology exhibit.

Donations to Nonprofits

The Science Museum is proud to support other nonprofits through ticket donations for fundraising events. The standard donation is a four-pack of general admission tickets (value: $119.80).

Due to volume, we are unable to fulfill every donation request. Please refer to the guidelines below to determine your organization’s eligibility.

As we are able, we DO donate to:

  • Schools

  • Church groups

  • Community organizations

  • National nonprofit organizations

We are UNABLE to donate to:

  • For-profit organizations

  • Second generation requests (for-profit organizations or individuals raising money for another group, like corporate United Way auctions)

  • Events benefiting a single person or family

We will make one donation per year to qualifying organizations. Please allow four weeks for review, approval, and donation request fulfillment.