Illustration of Amargasaurus


Meet Amargasaurus

  • Amargasaurus is a sauropod dinosaur with a long neck and four legs. But what makes it really stand out are the tall spines on the back of its neck.

  • Just what these spines did or would have looked like is still a mystery. Some scientists imagine they were connected by skin, like a sail. Others theorize they were covered in keratin, like horns. One study hypothesized that there were air sacs between them, helping oxygen travel more easily through their large bodies.

  • Amargasaurus would have held its head fairly low to the ground most of the time, likely at a comfortable feeding height for fairly low-growing plants.

  • Scientists have hypothesized that Amargasaurus would have actually run quickly for a sauropod.

  • From the brain case preserved with Amargasaurus, it seems its hearing likely wasn’t that good.

Away Team: Found in Ultimate Dinosaurs

Size: About 30 feet long, weighing just under 3 tons

Era: Cretaceous Period, about 125 million years ago