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Funder Spotlight: Donaldson Foundation

Donaldson Foundation is a longtime supporter of the Science Museum of Minnesota programs, with a legacy of support that dates back to 1987.

For many years, they have directed their support towards the long-running Science Fusion event series, which celebrates the contributions of scientists of color and gives visitors of all ages a chance to make personal connections with professionals in STEM fields. In addition to their critical funding of this much-loved event series, they also created the Donaldson STEM Award, which recognizes Minnesota high-school students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in or passion for a STEM discipline, either in the classroom or outside of school, as well as a commitment to giving back to the organizations and people who support them.

Our extended closure in early 2021 put a temporary pause on Science Fusion. Donaldson continued their loyal support of the museum’s work amid the pandemic by shifting their focus on supporting the creation of digital education programs - programs that help students and teachers across Minnesota continue their science learning during the challenges of distance learning and beyond.

Thank you, Donaldson Foundation, for your continued support as the Science Museum strives to meet the changing needs of its audiences and community.