Highlights From Our Collections

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MA-30-13-0443

Red, yellow, purple, and tan beadwork


The Science Museum’s beadwork collection contains beads crafted out of many materials sourced from several local resources.


The museum’s birchbark collections contain a wide variety of items using several kinds of birch, a bark that requires knowledge to harvest to ensure the tree does not sustain damage.

Basket, birchbark with rectangular opening and bottom. Remnants of red and white beaded loops and blue yarn around rim. glass beadwork on one side of a red and white circle with blue lines and green triangles.


Quillwork is a skill dating back thousands of years. The museum’s collections of this art form show its changes over time.


Children’s dolls tell a story, used to engage and teach children about their own cultures. Learn more about these dolls and their lessons. 

Standing male doll wearing tan hide suit, leggings, and moccasins with pink and red diamond design ribbonwork. Dark hair woven in two braids with red ribbons and feathers. Glass bead necklace and earrings with cotton thread. Bow in one hand, arrow in the other, and quiver on back.
Hide with pink, green, blue, and yellow geometric beadwork on vamp and blue, white, red, and green geometric beadwork along outside side. Added hide cuff, soft hide sole, and triangular hide tongue. Hide thong tie closure threaded through holes cut in cuff corners.


The museum holds a large collection of footwear from around the world.

Plains Objects

Objects made by people of the Plains Region of North America have been digitized for online availability.