Summer Camps Drop-Off & Pick-Up

The Science Museum offers a convenient drop-off and pickup location for caregivers who don't want the hassle of finding and paying for a parking space. This turnaround is for drop-off and pickup only; daily parking is available in our parking ramp for $5.

Camp staff will be masked during drop-off and pickup. For our safety and yours, we request that all visitors, including campers and those dropping off or picking up, wear masks while interacting with camp staff.


To drop your camper off via car, simply drive into the turnaround and staff at the summer camp gate will check your child in.

To drop off on foot, you may use the sidewalk alongside the turnaround to walk up to the summer camp gate and check your child in.


A child verification card is required to pick up all campers. The card will be included in the pre-camp email you receive one week before each camp your camper is registered for.

Print the verification card and write your camper’s name and the name of their camp in clear, bold letters.

When you arrive to pick your camper up, remain in your vehicle. Display your verification card on the side of your dashboard nearest to the curb.

Staff will use your verification card to radio your camper’s name inside. When your camper is called, they will check out and navigate to your car. If your car is across the street, staff will manage traffic to escort them across. For safety purposes, campers will be released directly from their classrooms in 2021. This means it may take a little longer for them to exit than in past years.

Pull up as cars ahead of you leave to help pick-up go smoothly. When you leave, please drive carefully and watch for pedestrians.

What if I forget my verification card?

If you forget your verification card, you may provide a photo ID to camp staff. Staff will match your ID to the information listed in your camper’s registration and radio your camper’s name for pickup as normal.

If staff cannot match your ID to your camper’s registration, they will call the contact(s) listed for your camper. If the listed contact confirms that you are able to pick them up, staff will radio their name for pickup.

To add or check the names of adults who are authorized to pick up your camper, please call (651) 221-4511. We strongly recommend double-checking that all adults who may pick your child up are listed before their camp begins.