A photo of children putting fake human body organs into a fake model at the science museum.

Mission Moments

President’s Welcome

Dear friends,

The Science Museum’s annual report to the community is evolving. 

So much happens every day at the Science Museum — throughout our galleries, in the labs, out in the field, in the classrooms, and in museums worldwide. In addition, we provide our signature STEM learning opportunities at community events and festivals and much more. 

We work with communities to create partnerships that support open and honest dialogue about how the Science Museum can authentically support them and their communities. We look forward to telling you, our partners, supporters, and friends, how we put our mission into action each day — not just when it is complete and tied up with a bow, but as it is living, breathing, and adapting to meet the needs of the communities we serve. And you can still count on finding important year-end financial information here, as well as partner and donor recognition.

We hope you’ll often return to read about the Mission Moments happening inside and outside our walls. You’ll read stories about the work you make possible to help the audiences we serve to see the power and possibilities of STEM.

Thank you for all you do to support this important work.

Alison Rempel Brown
President & CEO