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Store Events

Did you know that the Explore Store is 100% owned and operated by the Science Museum of Minnesota? That means 100% of proceeds from every purchase support the museum’s mission of ensuring science learning is accessible to all, making every gift you give a gift for STEM learners in our community, too. 

Retail Workshops & Events

July 20 | 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Get the buzz on all things bugs, including demonstrations of Explore Store items, activities and mini bugs to take home, discounts, and the release of our newest entomology kit!

During Action for Earth at the Science Museum of Minnesota, visitors can learn how to preserve their own diverse specimens like insects, moths, and butterflies, from experts in the Center for Research and Collections.

🦋 Sustainability, responsible husbandry, and conservation are core considerations as we develop our entomology products and workshop experiences. We source insects from carefully vetted vendors with those priorities in mind and in alignment with the Science Museum of Minnesota's ethics policy.