Virtual Reality Transporter

Opens Dec. 10, 2023

Experience the thrills of the universe without ever leaving the Science Museum of Minnesota. 

Hurtle through the cosmos at fantastic speeds, scuba dive into prehistoric seas, or join the astronauts of Apollo 11 as they moonwalk for the first time. Our Virtual Reality Transporter (VRT) combines state-of-the-art VR goggles with exciting motion and 4D effects to fully immerse you in an adventure you choose. While traditional VR experiences simulate the visuals of the real world, the VRT will make it feel like the real world with motion technology and surround sound. 

Options include: Cosmos Coaster, Apollo 11 and Beyond, Dive in Prehistoric Seas, Spacewalk – Danger in Orbit, and more. 

What to know before you go
Located in the Science Museum lobby, the VRT has a four-seat capacity and will run every 12 minutes.

Tickets for the VRT can be purchased onsite at the host desk, Explore Store, or VRT kiosk. 

Visitors must be at least 42 inches tall to ride. This experience is recommended for ages 13 and older. Guests under age 13 may ride with parent/guardian consent. Eyeglasses cannot be worn with the VR headset. 

$9.95 per person, per ride.
$8.95 per member, per ride.