Image of coprolite (fossilized poop)

Digging into Droppings

biology, earth science, engineeringScience Museum of MinnesotaNov 3, 2021

The proof is in the poop

Trace fossils, or droppings, tracks, and other remnants that animals leave behind carry important clues that scientists use to understand how an animal once lived.

Today, manure is being used for all kinds of important purposes—from powering homes to creating bedding for cows—but how does that poop from the past connect to the manure of today?

Dr. Alex Hastings and a silly poop robot join forces in Digging into Droppings, our latest amoosing collaboration with Midwest Dairy. Watch this all-ages exploration to learn what a coprolite is, why it’s important, and what farmers are doing to be green and utilize waste that cows create.