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Science Staff Recommendations

social scienceScience Museum of MinnesotaFeb 7, 2022

We asked Science Museum staff what science-y piece of media they’ve been loving lately, or a community resource/nonprofit they show love to. Here are their responses! 

Media we love: 

Organizations we love: 

Friends School of MN, and especially their annual plant sale at the state fairgrounds, where they have a lot of bee- and butterfly-friendly options. Suggested by Evelyn Christian Ronning, Research and Evaluation Associate.

Portico Healthnet: Their mission is essential for healthy communities: “Advancing equitable access to health coverage for all Minnesotans.” Suggested by Jana Hayden-Sofio, Visitor Experience Facilitator.

The DRAWdown Design Project. Suggested by Demetrios Vital.

Animal Ark Minnesota. Suggested by Melissa Hicks, Executive Assistant to President and CEO.

Twin Cities in Motion. Suggested by Barry Gisser.

Women Winning. Suggested by Amanda Rothstein and Mimi Larson.

Bundles of Love. Suggested by Ronda Maurer, Director of Visitor Relations.