A young woman sings into a hairbrush.

Sing to raise your spirits!

social scienceJen Maren, Science Live Theater ActorMay 7, 2020

Hi! I’m Jen Maren, an actor with the Science Live Theater. I’m also a professional actor and singer in the Twin Cities. In this strange and anxiety-riddled time it is so important to find things that lift our spirits and minds.

If you want to raise your spirits, try raising your voice in song. Sing while doing chores, sing with your housemates, or sing in the shower.

And there’s science behind that claim! A researcher at Oxford University writes about some of the many benefits of singing in a choir or on your own.

I sing when I’m worried. I sing when I’m happy. And I did a little singing for you. Here’s a recording!

Hope to see you soon at the Science Museum!