Brain teaser image from the Science Museum

Use your brain to decipher these Science Museum puzzles

biologyZoe Harvey, Marketing Communication SpecialistJan 11, 2021

Test your Science Museum knowledge by solving these brain games featuring our exhibits. Use your mind to unscramble the image and figure out which exhibit or item is featured from the museum. The results and some fun facts are at the bottom of this page—don’t peek!







Great job! We hope these brain teasers got your mind buzzing and reminded you of how fun it is to explore the Science Museum! Scroll down for the answers to these brain games and share what you love about the museum with us on social media.


#1: Iggy the Iguana. This 40-foot long iguana sculpture is located at the back of the museum by our education entrance.

#2: Bison skeleton from the We Move and We Stay exhibition. For centuries, Native people relied on migratory bison herds. A single bison could provide 400 pounds of meat, as well as hide and bones that could be made into almost anything a person needed.

#3: Giant astronaut in the Science Museum atrium. This astronaut was originally made as a display for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

#4: Stegosaurus fossil in the Dinosaurs & Fossils gallery. This dinosaur sports massive plates on its back that scientists think could be used for thermal regulation, defense, showing off, and other functions.

#5: Closeup of items at the Collectors' Corner. Did you know that we keep track of every item you trade in? The more you know about the item, the more points you'll get!

#6: Charles E. towboat in the Mississippi River Gallery. This boat is actually the largest item in our extensive collection!