A woman wearing a Science Museum of Minnesota branded "Trust Science" face mask.

Shop the Explore Store to find your museum favorite

earth science, social scienceKarilyn Robinson, Marketing & Public Relations SpecialistAug 24, 2020

There’s so much to explore at the Science Museum of Minnesota! Not sure where to begin? Take an imaginary shopping trip through the Explore Store, and we’ll recommend your first stop for your next museum visit. 

Pick something to wear:
A. Brontosaurus hoodie
B. STEM Squad Enamel Pin
C. Science Museum reusable water bottle
D. Triceratops jersey

Pick a plush buddy to tour the museum with you:
A. T. Rex
B. Barn owl
C. White-tail fawn
D. Flying squirrel

Pick a science kit to do when you get home: 
A. Stegosaurus Excavation Kit
B. Sunography Kit
C. Cultivate & Eat Plant Growing Kit
D. Sparkle Squishy Ball Science Lab Kit

Pick one more item: 
A. Brachiosaurus skeleton nanoblocks
B. Green Card STEM Voices book
C. Birds of a feather socks
D. Astronaut ice cream

Mostly As: The Dino Devotee | You’re a fossil fanatic! Head straight for the Dinosaurs and Fossils gallery

Mostly Bs: The Thinker | You think about the world from different points of view! Explore the Race: Are We So Different exhibit to see different perspectives and universal experiences we all share. 

Mostly Cs: The Friend of Nature | Nature calls to you! Visit the We Move and We Stay exhibit to observe and appreciate the traditions passed through generations of  Dakota and Ojibwe tribes. 

Mostly Ds: The Mover & Shaker | You’re always on the move! Visit the Sportsology exhibit to understand the science behind each movement.  

Mix: The Super Scientist | Your interests can’t be contained! Start your museum visit with Science Superheroes, which shows the extraordinary work of scientists from a variety of fields.