Courtesy Ray Hennessy
Common loon floating in water.

Which Minnesotan bird are you? Take the quiz

biology, earth scienceZoe Harvey, Marketing Communication SpecialistOct 7, 2020

Birds are unique—from their calls and plumage to their diets and migration patterns—and so are you! Are you more like our quiet but famous state bird the loon, or are you chatty and excitable like a chickadee?

Discover something new about avians and learn which one you're most like:

Take the quiz

Once you've found your bird match, let us know on social media. We love seeing you #ShareYourDiscovery.

If you want to meet your bird in-person or learn more about ornithology, visit the Science Museum of Minnesota's Science Superheroes exhibit to get to know Dr. Catherine Early, our new Barbara Brown Chair of Ornithology, and her exciting research on bird brains.