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Hubble photograph of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies

Three out of this world space activities

earth science, physics, engineeringZoe Harvey, Marketing Communication SpecialistMar 19, 2021

The universe we exist in is 93 billion light-years wide. That means there’s (almost) an infinite number of stars, nebulas, asteroids, and other astronomical marvels to study and discover.

Here, we’re sharing three exciting at-home activities for learners four and up that all have to do with space: Design the future of space exploration, create a pocket-sized solar system, and imagine what kind of life could exist on other planets.

1. Imagine where and how life could thrive elsewhere

Exploring the Universe: Imagining Life provides hands-on methods of experimenting and ideating about life on other planets.

Using knowledge from NASA scientists who study Earth’s extremophiles (organisms that thrive in extreme environments) to consider what life might be like off-world, you’ll learn how scientists make predictions and look for other examples of life.

Explore life on other worlds

2. Mining with materials that don’t exist yet

Exploring the Solar System: Asteroid Mining proposes that in the next few decades, humans will be mining asteroids for precious metals and other materials with technology that doesn’t exist yet. 

This activity will challenge you to think outside of your current knowledge about space and explore asteroid mining from the viewpoint of a lawyer, scientist, explorer, or engineer.

Find out what it takes to mine an asteroid

3. Gotta catch ‘em all: Planetary systems

Exploring the Solar System: Pocket Solar System zooms in on what makes planets unique and will help you understand where they are in relation to each other in this scale-model activity. 

By developing a pocket-sized solar system, you’ll learn that our solar neighborhood contains many interesting features and objects that exist in a delicate balance.

Make your own solar system

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