A group activity in a field.

Customized Experiences

Our ability to work with groups of all kinds comes from our extensive experience as adult educators. Whatever your equity goals are, we can help you.

IDEAL Workshops for Schools, Colleges, and Workplaces

Gain new perspectives on seeing and disrupting disparities and inequities. 

These three to five-day experiences are custom-designed for business, academic, and civic organizations, and facilitate learning and growth around IDEAL topics with a focus on empowering local and interpersonal action in your organization.

IDEAL Leadership Intensives

Bring about meaningful and lasting institutional change.

These five to eleven-day intensive programs are custom designed specifically for leadership teams in a variety of organizations who want to work together, become change agents, and have a personally and professionally transformative experience.

Equity Labs

One Day, Three Actors, Three Facilitators & Thousands of Variations.

Equity Labs will help you and your team witness and experience typical scenes of privilege, classism, racism, sexism and other systems of oppression as performed by our Equity Labs professional actors. Our expert facilitators will guide your group as you discuss what’s happening, suggest potential interventions, and then see how those interventions play out in real-time. Please note that Equity Labs are currently on hiatus as we work to adapt them to a virtual experience.