Image of a woman and child looking at Nature Is All Around Us exhibit

Nature All Around Us

October 15 - January 22, 2023

Discover the hidden worlds and rich ecosystems within the most familiar places, from the quiet spaces in backyards to the busiest parts of cities. Nature All Around Us explores the natural world’s interconnected engineering solutions: how trees cool our neighborhoods, how streams carry storm water away from our homes, and how spending time in nearby nature keeps us healthy. 

We often think of nature as a place untouched by humans, but nature is thriving right under our  noses in cities and towns! Filled with immersive environments and hands-on interactives, Nature All Around Us challenges the notion that urban and natural environments are separate and shows the many ways they are linked.

We can make our world an even better place in which to live by discovering, celebrating, and conserving the nature we find in our own neighborhoods, all around us. 

Created by the Natural History Museum of Utah and modified for tour by the Science  Museum of Minnesota.