Green Card STEM Voices

How would it feel to move to a new country and face challenges pursuing what you’re passionate about? Green Card STEM Voices shares the stories of individuals who did just that. 

Inspired by the book of the same name, this exhibition highlights both the struggles and the successes of creating a home in a new place, and shows life through the varying experiences of refugees and immigrants who work in STEM.

Meet these incredible Minnesotans through their own first-person perspectives and uncover their stories in the Community Gallery on Level 4 through the end of the year. 

Green Card Voices is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that connects immigrants and their communities through first-person multimedia storytelling. Born from the idea that the broad narrative of current immigrants should be communicated in a way true to each immigrant’s story, Green Card Voices has recorded the stories of more than 500 refugees and immigrants who are originally from more than 140 countries and now reside across the United States.

NEW IN 2023 | My City Was a Sparkling Jewel: Voices of Newcomer Youth from Afghanistan

Learn about the incredible life journeys of recently arrived Afghan youth in their own words. Using a trauma-informed approach to storytelling, Green Card Voices and its Afghan partners carefully collected first-person accounts of the diverse journeys of 30 storytellers aged 16-21 who come from various ethnic groups — Pashtun, Hazara, Pashai, and Tajik — whose stories detail a wide range of experiences. 

My City Was a Sparkling Jewel: Voices of Newcomer Youth from Afghanistan is on display in the museum lobby through Oct. 22, 2023; access is free of charge.