Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

Since the discovery of ruined cities in the jungles of Central America in 1839, the Classic Maya civilization (250-900 AD) has been the subject of intense popular and scientific interest. Today, many lines of evidence and inquiry allow us to reconstruct and understand the ancient Maya world. Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed examines the lost civilization of the Maya through the lenses of archaeology, epigraphy, ethnology, and art history. This interdisciplinary approach, coupled with the display of more than 230 objects and replicas and theatrical and interactive experiences, will appeal to Maya enthusiasts of all ages.

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Contact Amber Stevenson at or (651) 221-4737 for more information.


  • 7,500-10,000 square feet

  • In excess of 230 authentic Maya archaeological artifacts

  • Half-dozen life-sized sculptural casts and environmental reproductions

  • Fully-integrated hands-on interactive stations

  • 100% bilingual—English and Spanish

  • An exhibitor friendly, turnkey operation

Lease Terms

  • 3-month lease. Only 2 openings remain!

  • Inbound shipping

  • Vendor provided installation/de-installation staff to direct your assembly crew

  • Vendor provided courier/registrars to lead your object handlers

  • 3-week installation / 2 week de-installation

Tour will be available starting in January 2020 as a 5,000-7,000sq/ft exhibition.