Assemblies and Residencies

Need science where you are? You betcha.

Assembly registration opens December 8, 2021

Bring the wonders of science up-close with fizzing, bubbling, interactive, and fun experiments run by expert educators. The Science Museum of Minnesota offers in-person assemblies for K–5 students that explore how engineers do what they do, the changes water goes through in Minnesota’s seasons, and even the surprising connections between today’s animals and dinosaurs.

Assembly experiences offered: Water K-2; Water 3-5; Engineering K-2; Engineering 3-5; Dinos K-2; Solids, Liquids, and Gases 3-5

In-depth, immersive, and right in your classroom

Residency registration opens December 8, 2021

We’ll bring the teacher, the tools, the expertise, and the plan. You provide the classroom and the students. Together, we’ll make a great science learning team!

Residencies put an instructor in your classroom to facilitate in-depth exploration of a range of science topics—from engineering to forensic science and more. We’ll work with you to develop a residency schedule that fits your budget and your student population. The result? A memorable day-long or week-long science lesson that builds upon the foundation you’ve laid and invites your students to work cooperatively towards thoughtful understanding.

Residency experiences offered: Engineering, Water, Investigative Science